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Lupe Fiasco took to social media and announced his fans will be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend his concerts.

The rapper posted a headline that read, “Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will go into use next week in the UK.”

He added the caption:

Let’s Get Get Get It!!!!

You will be required to be vaccinated to come to my concerts.


See the original post below.

One fan, who is on immunosuppressant asked Lupe, “What about me,” because he is unable to take the vaccine.

Lupe Fiasco responded:

I’m doing it FOR YOU. ?? Yo ass still gonna need proof for a negative test though ?

See the exchange below:

The pandemic has forever changed the world and the entertainment industry has been trying to navigate the new normal and survive.

I guess with a vaccine on the horizon, vaccine requirements may become a huge topic of discussion.

Are you willing to get the vaccine to attend a concert?

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