Lil Wayne recently released the video for “Something Different” off of his No Ceilings 3 mixtape.

The beat is very recognizable because it is the same beat from Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

The video finds Lil Wayne rapping and dancing around a beautiful mansion while wearing a few different Gucci fits.

The video could easily be a Gucci ad.

At the end of the video an unknown woman appears, you don’t see her face, you see her legs first, and then you see her from the back at the very end of the video.

I would guess that the woman is Lil Wayne’s girlfriend Denise Bidot. I believe she was put in the video to dispel the rumors about them being broken up.

I could be wrong.

Watch the video below:

Who do you think the mystery woman is at the end of the video?

Are you scooping or scrapping Lil Wayne’s “Something Different” video?