Lupe Fiasco says he’s a better lyricist than Kendrick Lamar.

I’m going to give you a few moments to sit with that before we move forward………….

The Chicago rapper fell for the ole banana in a tailpipe on social media over the weekend when fans posed the question who’s the better lyricist – him or Kendrick Lamar.

Lupe jumped in the convo (his first mistake) and said he is.

You know Kendrick doesn’t play reindeer games on social media, but TDE President Punch simply laughed it off.

Lordt! Why didn’t Lupe Fiasco leave well enough alone?

He returned to Twitter on Monday and used a series of tweets to explain himself.

In my own words…once again for you b**ches…I love me some KDot…always have always will. With that said do think I he’s a good lyricist? Yes. Do I think he’s the best lyricist? No. Do I think it’s lyricists that are better than him? Yes. Is he a better artist than me? Yes.

Is he a better lyricist than me? No. Does he make better songs than me? Yes. Did I think control was ridicule? No. Am I jealous of Kdot? No. Did I personally give him his props in Chicago on stage as the next n***a to take the crown? YES. Is It on camera? Yes. Did I mean it? Yes.

Does my opinion matter? Obviously. Does your opinion matter? Yes. Does your opinion matter to me? No. Are we both legends? Yes. Are we both successful? Yes. Is it a bunch of unsuccessful niggaz that keep pushing this? Yes Section 80 is my fave. TDE is my favorite rap label Bye.

While I personally prefer Kendrick Lamar over a plethora of rappers…I applaud Lupe Fiasco for believing in himself.

He’s supposed to have that confidence in himself – but it’s good to stay in touch with reality as well.

Your thoughts?