Amanda Seales took to the streets of Instagram on Monday and set “The Real” ablaze after they apparently bit her “Smart, Funny, and Black” brand in an effort to be faux woke.

The former co-host of the daytime talk show wrote:

Once again therealdaytime demonstrates its low class and even lower vibration. Just so we’re clear, this is an EGREGIOUS bite of my “Smart Funny & Black” brand in an attempt to bring black awareness into the programming of The Real. They couldn’t find ANY OTHER WAY to do this without it being a bite of my creation.

Yes, I’m saying this on social media because the CONTINUED thievery of black people’s work (even when supported by other BIPOC) needs to be called the F out and also because this is the most energy I’ll give it before going on with my day and creating more dopeness that will inevitably be pilfered by the less talented/ethical/ancestrally connected individuals of our species. Happy Monday. VOTE!

[Knowing networks, they did this bcuz they knew I’d post and it would boost ratings.]

See the original post below:

At the time of this post, no one from “The Real” has responded to Amanda Seales calling them out.

Maybe this whole thing was a ploy from the network to boost ratings.

What do you think?

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