Lupe Fiasco went on a rant about fame and fortune and how musicians can easily lose their marbles if they don’t stay grounded.

Lupe starts off the video talking about how much respect he has for Kanye and that he will always love him, but he wants us to know that Kanye had a lot of help achieving the level of success that he has achieved.

Lupe sounds a little bitter during his soliloquy, but he has valid points.

He then talks about the misconception that people have that Kanye put him on, but he had a deal in 2000 which was 2 to 3 years before he met Kanye.

He admits that Kanye has helped him a lot in his career, but he also maintains that Kanye has had a lot of help in his career as well.

To further drive his point home, I guess, Lupe gets into his Elon Musk bag, and he starts ranting about how Elon Musk is a helluva pitchman but his backers are the real geniuses.

Lupe basically accredits Kanye’s weird behavior to him being bipolar and hanging out with elitists who nurture and encourage irrational behavior and thought because that’s their normality.

Lupe contends that Kanye left his real friends that kept him grounded and would call him out on his nonsense for the elitists who are detached from reality and live in their bubble.

Makes since to me.

Lupe also talks about how Rolex watches and Ferrari cars are trash because they constantly break and need maintenance. Therefore, the manufacturers are selling us maintenance instead of a quality product.

Although I enjoyed Lupe Fiasco’s rant, he did lose me a couple of times… His assumption that the most desirable women are Eastern European Prostitutes, I definitely do not agree with.

And, his claim that Obama is a terrorist is totally ridiculous.

I do understand that Lupe Fiasco has his own set of issues and he is by no means a therapist or a psychologist, but I do enjoy when a person speaks from their heart about life experiences and personal encounters.

Watch the Lupe rant video below:

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