'Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion': Things Get Spicy Between Karlie & Mariahlynn On Night 1

On the Season 3 premiere of “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion,” Karlie Redd and Mariahlynn almost came to blows over some internet beef.

According to Karlie, Mariahlynn has been trashing her on the internet over the years, but they have never met so she feels Mariah doesn’t really know her.

According to Mariahlynn, she came to the reunion in peace, and she felt by trying to extend a hug to Karlie when she first saw her was a way to show that she didn’t have any true animosity toward her.

Karlie rejected the hug because she felt it was fake.

Mariahlynn took the opportunity to address Karlie later in the day, and she told her that, based on the way she’s seen Karlie act on tv, she felt like she is messy.

The word messy pushed the turn-up button inside of Karlie, and she started talking real spicy toward Mariahlynn.

For some unknown reason, the rapper Gunplay jumped into the mix, encouraging the women to fight each other, but cooler heads prevailed when Spice, the host of the reunion, suggested that they have a reset and come back tomorrow to enjoy her beautiful homeland of Jamaica.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” below:

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