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Jim Jones Talks 18 Years Of Love & Happiness With Chrissy Lampkin

Chrissy Lampkin - Jim Jones

Jim Jones recently appeared on rapper Maino’s podcast “Kitchen Talk,” and he talked about how he and Chrissy Lampkin met and the future of their 18-year relationship.

During the interview, Jim received a phone call from Chrissy, which opened the door to a convo about their relationship, which was mostly led by Maino’s female co-hosts.

When asked if he knew Chrissy was the one when he first met her, Jim responded:

I had immediate feelings for her when I met her.

Um, plus I had, like, a little crush on her.

She was from Harlem. She always, like, that fly chick from Harlem coming through, rides…

All the n****s used to go crazy for her.

I was a little bit younger so, coming up and, you know what I mean?…

And then I got the… I seen her in Miami and sh*t I was able to shoot my shot, you heard?…

That was a hell of a shot. That was a hell of a shot.

I think she shot her shot first, but there’s a whole big argument that we always…

We ain’t gon talk about that.

She definitely shot at me, but I just be trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Jim said Chrissy’s shot was, “Little n***a you know who I am?”

When asked if he see he and Chrissy are planning to get married in two years at the 20-year mark or if they are happy where they are at, Jim responded:

Um, sh*t we happy where we at and not saying that marriage is not in the near future and, sh*t like that, but those are our plans, ya heard?…

Watch the clip of the Jim Jones interview on the “Kitchen Talk” podcast below:

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