Lil Nas X has released the official music video for his new single, “J Christ,” and it’s left me clutching my pearls and my bible.

The 24-year-old controversial artist, whose real name is Montero Hill, seemingly returned to his “Call Me By Your Name” formula of inciting outrage with what many consider to be blasphemous imagery.

He defended himself by tweeting:

I’ve crossed satan up and broke his ankles, snapped his neck and literally killed him, made a song referencing the return of Jesus, and somehow yall still think im a satanist. I can not win lmaooo.

See the original tweet below.

In the “J Christ” video, written and directed by Lil Nas X, he raps:

Which way that we goin'? Hmm, this way

Took 'em to the telly and I told 'em it's a dizz-ate

Turn up, baby, we gon' have to check out at like 6A

Really it's that eizz-ight, but your Uber on the wiz-ay

Back-back-back up out the gravesite

B---, I'm back like J Christ

I'm finna get the gays hyped

I'm finna take it yay high

Back up out the gravesite

B---, I'm back like J Christ

I'm finna take it, uh, uh

I'm finna take it yay high

Ts Madison, who makes a cameo in the video, took to Twitter to sing LNX’s praises. 

Watch the official music video below. 

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Read a few tweets below.

Lil Nas X is also facing criticism as some think the track for his new single is a rip off of Kendrick Lamar’s classic tune, “Humble.”

Whether you like him or not – one thing Montero is going to do is get the people going! 

His new video has surpassed 1 million views in less than 12 hours.

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