Who knew Lil Jon was into home remodeling? He and his business partner Anitra Mecadon are bringing their creative ideas to life on their new HGTV show, “Lil Jon Wants To Do What?”

Lil Jon recently stopped by “GMA” and talked about where the idea for the show came from.

He said he had a pipe that burst on the top floor of his house in Atlanta, and it flooded for a week.

In the process of gutting his house and working on the repairs, he met Anitra, and she helped him with the redesign.

He said he had some crazy design ideas for his house that turned out amazing with Anitra’s help.

So Anitra’s husband Adam suggested that they do a TV show together because they work so well together, and their designs are very creative.

They pitched the show to HGTV, and the rest is history.

The premise of the show is that clients call Lil Jon and Anita to inspire them to do something different and creative with their homes.

So Lil Jon and Anitra pitch them a creative idea after they all take a shot of Tequila, according to Lil Jon.

He also said they all take another shot of Tequila before they reveal the finished design.

Lil Jon Wants To Do What?” sounds like a fun show, and it premieres on HGTV on May 2.

Watch the GMA interview below:

Would you let Lil Jon remodel your house?