Lil Boosie is being sued by MN2S Corp. (booker) and We Are Live Entertainment (promoter) for allegedly sabotaging an October show in Atlanta because he wasn’t happy with his pay.

According to the booker and promoter of the “Legends of the Streetz” tour, Boosie was responsible for the brawl that took place on stage at State Farm Arena.

The lawsuit states Boosie was booked for five different appearances for a total of $150k, and he was given a $50k deposit in good faith before his first show.

The booking and promotion companies claim Boosie contacted We Are Live Entertainment president Leonard Rowe and demanded more money than was agreed upon.

Rowe refused to pay Boosie more money, and Boosie allegedly threatened to shut down the show.

The night of the show, they claim Boosie got past security, damaged a lot of expensive equipment, and started fighting with security.

The fight caused the show to end before the headliner Rick Ross could perform,

The video of the onstage ruckus made its way to the internet, but it doesn’t appear to correlate with the claims against Boosie.

Watch the video below:

According to Lil Boosie, one of his guys got hit by someone with a gun, and that’s why the fight started on stage.

Watch the video below courtesy of “The Lionel B Show”:

The booking and promotion companies are seeking $525k in damages.

Source: TMZ