Lil Baby Releases Back-To-Back Videos ‘On Me’ and ‘Errbody’ – Watch Now!

Fresh off his 26th birthday (Dec. 3) Lil Baby released a video 2-pack, including the songs “On Me” and “Errbody”, both songs are brand new singles.

Lil Baby must’ve been in a giving mood after being blessed with so many amazing gifts for his birthday, and I’m sure his fans don’t mind at all.

The “On Me” video is a video created from moments from a random trip that Lil Baby and his team went on.

Watch the “On Me” video below:

The “Errbody” video reminds me of a mix between the movie Fast and Furious, and the video game Call of Duty.

Watch the “Errbody” video below:

Which video do you like better?


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