LightSkinKeisha Makes It Clear When Her Man Calls She’s Out

Rapper/actress LightSkinKeisha recently posted a video on her Instagram letting the world know that her man takes priority over a girls’ night out.

Baybee, I could be out with my friends and we can be having a blast, but the minute my man calls…

‘Hello!… You said what?… You want me to come where?’

I’m out, mid-turnup. I’m out, period!

‘Where you Going?’… 

To my man… TO MY MAN!

Watch the IG video below:

The man that LightSkinKeisha is referring to is rapper Coca Vango.

The Breakfast Club” recently debated LightSkinKeisha’s post and opened up their phone lines for callers to give their input. While Charlamagne and DJ Envy agreed with Keisha that when their significant other calls their out, Angela Yee debated that it depends on the circumstances.

Watch “The Breakfast Club” video below:

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