Kurt Russell Named 2022 National Teacher Of The Year

Please join me in congratulating Kurt Russell on being named the 2022 National Teacher of the Year.

Kurt is a history teacher at Oberlin High School in Ohio who is known for emphasizing cultural relevance and representation through classes like “Race, Gender, and Oppression.” 

Anna Fritz, a student of Kurt Russell’s said:

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from him is to confront the uncomfortable.

Mentor and former educator Larry Thomas shared:

Kurt, we are so very proud of you. 

You’re changing lives. You’re motivating young people each and every day.

And we are so blessed and proud to have you in our district teaching our children. 

Mr. Russell was a guest on “CBS Mornings” where he talked about the honor of being named the 2022 National Teacher of the Year and what it means to him. 

Watch the video clip below.

Congratulations Kurt Russell on an honor well-deserved.

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