Letoya Luckett Reveals After Hearing Beyoncé Sing She Struggled With Her Confidence

LeToya Luckett revealed in episode 12 of Tank and J Valentine’sR&B Money Podcast” that after hearing Beyoncé’s singing voice, she struggled with her confidence.

It was, but my confidence was different back then.

Like, y’all know how I get shy on the mic now.

You couldn’t tell me nothing, the one thing I knew I could do was sing, and I just wish I could get that confidence back.

I would do anything to have that confidence back, and from there, like, I started being in the school plays, and going out for the lead roles.

You couldn’t tell me nothing!… And then somebody told me I was off, and it sat me down.

LeToya said when she joined Destiny Child (DC) at 12-years-old, and she heard Beyoncé’s voice she realized that she didn’t sound like that.

Once I started going to voice lessons, and I became a part of DC.

It wasn’t your local talent show no more.

This wasn’t a stage play, this was real, you know what I mean.

I’m 12 at this point, 12 maybe going on 13.

I think, you know, to hear the other voices around me, and especially, I mean we talking about B… ‘I’on sound like that Mama, I’on sound like… that ain’t how I sound…’ Does that mean that I’m not good or does that mean it’s just different?

And you start questioning because this isn’t me watching Whitney on screen anymore.

This is someone in my face, and I’m hearing the power in her throat.

And I’m going Woah!

LeToya said hearing Beyoncé’s singing voice didn’t turn into a competition for her, but it made her realize that B had an amazing gift, and their tones were different, and they would never sound the same, but she was encouraged to work on herself.

And, I think I had a moment of… Wow! Am I ever going to be good enough?

So I’m going to play my position that I’ve been given, and take advantage of this opportunity.

And the position I was given was soprano, so I just worked on that.

I found my lane, in the group. I played my part, but I played that part for so long that I never really… I never really put the effort to make the other parts of my voice, like to grow that, you know what I mean, because I was so busy at sharpening the soprano.

So I became insecure in anything else.

And to even hear my voice stand alone… because I’m just here for the harmonies, you know what I’m saying, I’m just here to play my part as a soprano in the harmony.

The thought of hearing my voice alone again or being a solo artist was, ‘Oh my God the anxiety!’

Watch the clip from the “R&B Money Podcast” featuring LeToya Luckett below:

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