The NBA announced today (December 2) that LeBron James is COVID-free and eligible to play after he just tested positive on Tuesday (November 30).

It’s very interesting that this news comes out after LeBron’s tweet on Wednesday (December 1), where he implied that there is something fishy going on concerning his positive COVID test result.

According to the NBA, LeBron tested positive Tuesday night before the Lakers vs. Kings game using a lateral flow test, he then tested negative on a PCR test, and he tested positive again on a third test.

After testing positive twice, he was placed in the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

NBA rules state players who test positive must sit out 10 days or submit two negative PCR tests before being declared eligible to play.

Some sports media outlets reported on Thursday that LeBron felt that he was set up with the positive COVID test result as retaliation for his reaction to his first-time suspension for hitting Detroit Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart, on November 21.

Watch LeBron’s reaction video to his suspension below:

Now, the NBA is saying they believe LeBron James’ initial test was a false positive, and they have cleared him to return to game action Friday night (December 3) against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Source: TMZ