LeBron James hit Detroit Piston Isaiah Stewart in the face during a game on Sunday night (November 21) out of what appeared to be frustration, and Twitter weighed in on the altercation.

Isaiah and LeBron were both lined up at the free throw line and after the shot was taken Isaiah boxed LeBron out, and LeBron clinched his left fist and hit Isaiah in the face causing him to bleed.

Isaiah fell to his knee and quickly collected himself, and then he went after LeBron and cleared out anyone standing in his way.

Watch the video below:


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LeBron James was issued a flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game.

Isaiah Stewart was also ejected because he received two fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Lakers guard Russell Westbrook also received a technical foul for escalating the altercation.

Do you think LeBron hitting Isaiah in the face was intentional or unintentional?

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