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Latto Drops ‘Smoking On My Ex Pack’ Freestyle & Folks Are Mad

Latto - Smoking On My Ex Pack Freestyle

Latto released her “Smoking On My Ex Pack” freestyle on Thursday and folks are big mad about it.

The freestyle is a flip of the track featured on SZA‘s chart-topping sophomore album, SOS, but it’s the lyrics that have the streets of Twitter buzzing.

The Grammy-nominated rapper fired a few shots in her freestyle that many believe are aimed at Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice.

In the song, Latto raps:

And it's still giving coke...
And I still ain't post my n***a
Made em pull their True Religion back out with just a picture
Yes, I swallow every time
How you think I got the Vette?
How you think I got the Lamb?
Y'all too easily impressed
Stop comparing me to trends

Latto closed out the verse by reflecting on her Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Melodic Rap Performance for “Big Energy.”

Disrespect will not be tolerated
20-22 I dominated
Yeah, I see the talk 
I'm busy celebrating these nominations

Check out the “Smoking On My Ex Pack” freestyle below.

The Hate Train pulled out of the station on schedule as folks took to their Twitter timelines with venom.

Read a few tweets below.

To be clear, everyone wasn’t mad.

Latto was also getting love.

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING Latto’s “Smoking On My Ex Pack” freestyle?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram)

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