Lamonte McIntyre, Wrongfully Convicted Of Double Murder, Awarded $1.5M Settlement (Video)

Lamonte McIntyre was just 17-years-old when he was arrested and wrongfully convicted for double murder.

He was sentenced to two life sentences for the deaths of deaths of 21-year-old Doniel Quinn and 34-year-old Donald Ewing, despite no motive or physical evidence connecting him to the crime.

Lamonte, now 43, served 23 years in prison before he was released in 2017 after a local prosecutor called for his charges to be dropped because his imprisonment was a “manifest of injustice.”

Now, the state of Kansas will pay him a $1.5 million settlement. 

Watch the report below:

There is no amount of money that could restore the years that were stolen from Lamonte McIntyre, but I hope he lives his best life from this point forward!

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