Yes, you read the title correctly! Deon Cole has been receiving hateful messages and threats after he attended the NAACP Image Awards wearing velvet bell-bottoms.

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The comedian and actor posted a 15-minute video on Instagram expressing his shock and disappointment after folks took to the streets of social media and called him gay slurs, attacked his talent, and some threatened to harm him.

Deon shared:

The part that I’m tripping about this is the hate. 

The hate that I have been receiving because I wore a bell-bottom velour-velvet suit has been unreal.

I’ve been called a b**ch *ss n***a, f***ot, I’ve been told I’m going to get my *ss whooped…

Watch a clip below:

It’s truly unfortunate that people are this passionate over a pair of pants when there are real issues going on in the world to truly be angry and irate about.

I’m really surprised this impacted Deon as much as it did considering the fact that he is a comedian and mentioned several times that he has tough skin.

The reality of the situation is his video isn’t going to change the trolls who are attacking him. It just lets them know it worked and he was affected.

Your thoughts?