LaMelo Ball had some choice words about school in a recent GQ interview that may affect his marketability in the future.

During the interview, LaMelo states:

You wanna go to the league, so school’s not your priority.

We not trippin’ off school. We not dumb. We know how to learn. We don’t need school.

And school not even teachin’ you sh*t—what the f**k is school?

He took the NBA by storm during the 2020-2021 season, and he easily won the Rookie of the Year award.

During the interview, LaMelo said he always knew he would be a basketball star.

My whole life, I always knew I was going to the NBA.

I always knew. Everything about this felt normal to me. I knew I’d have stardom. I grew up into it. I already had my life planned out.

My whole life, I thought I was the star…. I ain’t even gonna say I’m a rock star. It’s something other than that. I’m something rare.

He ranked sixth in Instagram followers gained and views generated during the 2020–21 regular season.

Those numbers are aligned with superstars like Steph Curry and LeBron James. So when he makes negative comments about school not being important his words are impacting millions of young impressionable ears.

And, he is hurting his marketability with potential advertisers and consumers.

I’m not sure if he thought about that during this interview.

He seemed very relaxed during the interview, too relaxed in my opinion, to the point where a lot of his answers sounded unprofessional.

He cursed a lot and he dropped a lot of n-bombs. I’ve seen him do a great job in post game interviews during the NBA season so I know he knows how to put on his professional hat.

I just hope the fame hasn’t gone to his head already.

His basketball talent is undeniable, but he may need to humble himself before his mouth cashes a check…

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of his arrogant swag:

LeMelo was professional in the video above, and his personality was arrogant but likable.

During the GQ interview with Tyler R. Tynes, LeMelo was talking to him like they were kicking it at the park.

Perhaps he knows Tyler and loss sight of his professionalism.

Tyler, who goes by hennyhardawayy on IG, conducted a great interview despite some of LaMelo’s responses.

Hopefully, LaMelo Ball reflects on this interview and becomes more conscious of his words going to print.

Your thoughts?

Source: GQ


  1. 1) He was raised by a pro ball player, so he had a leg up. 2) He was valued for his athletic ability of his scholastic. I knew and hung out with ball players in college, and at the time (early 2000s and 2010s, the weren’t required to show up to class or test with us. One gave me his sociology quiz (10 points) that his entire semester’s grade was dependent upon, and he had no idea how to answer it. Schools give athletes passes, so he probably didn’t press himself to learn anything.
    3) Didn’t he get caught shoplifting in China? I’d be embarrassed. He needs to humble himself.

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