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Lamar Odom is addressing a new report that claims he was ripped to smithereens by a Manhattan judge after he failed to pay his child support even after allegedly scooped a $40,000 payday in his celebrity boxing match against Aaron Carter.

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Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper said during a video hearing:

If Mr. Odom is in good enough shape to participate in a boxing match, he’s certainly in good enough shape to abide by his obligations to support his children as set forth in the settlement agreement.

The former NBA star took to the streets of Instagram and wrote a 4-page letter like Aaliyah in an effort to set the record straight regarding his ongoing battle with his ex, Liza Morales.

Back in the news on some BS!! 
truliza4u (I’m blocked) ????

I never air out my personal business because it’s personal but I have had enough. 
I was never married to my kids mother. I took care of her from the second she became pregnant and even after I was married I still paid her bills. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for a GROWN ASS WOMAN!! Once my children became adults my duties were done! I told her to GO TO WORK! MOVE into an affordable home, she didn’t listen and that is NOT on ME! 
The news, the media, the public loves to vilify a man, call him deadbeat, say how terrible he is as a man but what about a woman who refuses to get off her ass and make a living for herself? She is just as responsible for taking care of our now ADULT children as I was so why isn’t she held to the same standard? 
Enough is enough. I do not get pension from the NBA until I’m 46. I do not own a CBD line, I did not get paid $40k from Celebrity Boxing ???? ???? 

Am I working ? YES 
Am I building a solid brand ? YES
Do I send my kids money monthly ? Hell yes ! 
Do I support Liza? No !!! And I shouldn’t be made to either! So I will have my day in court, I was never served papers to appear and I will be filing an injunction to this bitter Judges order. 

To all the women out here who are mothers taking care of their kids I salute you! ❤️ 

To all the fathers who take care of their kids but receive NO credit, I feel you and salute you too! ❤️ 

To the Liza’s who sit on their asses and expect a handout, who lie and manipulate their children, who use their children as pawns, who creates stories and scenarios to attract attention, may you seek healing and counseling for your brokenness ~ you need it. ????????

See Lammy’s original post below.

I just want to know why he hashtagged Kobe Bryant in this foolishness?! Let that man rest in peace.

Lamar Odom needs to plead his case to a judge – not social media.

Oh, and Lammy will also be featured on the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” as Karlie Redd‘s love interest.

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