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Lakeyria Doughty, one of the stars of the HBO Max film, Charm City Kings, has been arrested and charged with the murder of her girlfriend.

26-year-old Lakeyria called 911 around 4:15 a.m. on New Year’s Day. When police arrived, they found 33-year-old Tiffany Wilson with multiple stab wounds to the chest. 

Wilson was pronounced dead at the scene. WBALTV reports Wilson died at the hospital.

Police spokesman Donny Moses told the the Baltimore Sun:

It was a domestic situation where cooler heads didn’t prevail.

Initially, Lakeyria aka “Wheelie Queen” was taken into custody as a witness and potential suspect. She was arrested after questioning.

Lakeyria Doughty was charged with first and second-degree murder, misdemeanor and felony assault, and possession of a deadly weapon. 

Tiffany Wilson’s death marks Baltimore’s first homicide of 2021.

Source: NY Daily News

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