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About The Film:

Growing up in West Baltimore, teenage Mouse (Jahi Winston) feels the fierce pull of different forces: Between notorious ex-con Blax (Meek Mill) and concerned Detective Rivers (William Catlett) and between the straight path set for Mouse by his concerned mother (Teyonah Parris) and the dangers of gang life, which took his brother’s life.

The one truth Mouse knows is that he loves the power, artistry and energy of “The Ride” — the exhilarating motorized-dirt-bike scene that is both pastime and passion on the streets of Baltimore.

During one eventful summer, Mouse steers his way through two father figures, a first girlfriend, the pull of illegal choices and the thrill of stunt-riding that makes him and his friends feel like Charm City Kings.

Release Date:

October 8, 2020 on HBO Max

Watch The Trailer:

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