LaKeith Stanfield
LaKeith Stanfield via Instagram

LaKeith Stanfield showed off his beautiful holiday family photos via Instagram on Christmas Day.

The Book of Clarence star is pictured with his wife, Kasmere Trice Stanfield, and his children.

The caption on the post read, “Happy Holidays from the Stanfields ♥️

See LaKeith’s original Instagram post below.

You may recall that in July 2023, LaKeith Stanfield revealed he and model Kasmere Trice met in Canada, where he was working last year. 

The Oscar-nominated actor shared that they were “just feeling each other out” and then love “smacked them out of nowhere.”

We were just feeling each other out, like maybe this will be a cool friend. As love does, it just smacked us out of nowhere. I’m working on my music, writing and writing, and then this person who I was seemingly writing about pops up in my life. It was strange.” 

LaKeith popped the question in December just before Kasmere’s birthday and they got married a short time later. 

They welcomed their first child together, but the “Atlanta” star kept the baby’s name and gender under wraps. 

We decided early on we wanted to protect our baby as much as we can for as long as possible,” said Kasmere, who is a first-time mom.

But, based on their holiday photos it looks like they had a baby boy. 

Kasmere Latrice Stanfield said, “I’m really honored that I got to see the father in him before I was even having our baby.”

LaKeith Stanfield has two beautiful daughters under the age of seven from a previous relationship with Xosha Roquemore (2017) and Tylor Hurd (2022). 

The actor told People magazine, “We’ve manifested this beautiful family.”

Happy Holidays.

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