Lady Gaga’s dog walker has been released from the hospital after having part of his lung removed, a month after the dognapping incident.

Ryan Fischer was recently discharged, much later than he expected, due to complications with his lungs.

Ryan was very optimistic and moving around well days after being shot, he was moved out of the ICU, and he though his recovery would be simple.

Unexpectedly, Ryan says one of his lungs kept collapsing and he was readmitted for surgery to remove portions of it.

My recovery had become anything but a straight line.

Ryan is recovering well, and he shared an emotional video of himself getting dressed to leave the hospital.

It is a miracle that Ryan is still alive after being shot in his chest at almost point-blank range.

Ryan says his doctors and nurses told him they didn’t think he would make it.

The traumatic footage was captured on surveillance video from a nearby property cam.

Click the link to see the surveillance footage: WARNING! TRAUMATIC SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE

The thieves made off with Lady Gaga’s two dogs Koji and Gustav and left Ryan begging for help on the sidewalk.

The dogs were found unharmed days later, but the suspects have not been apprehended.

The $500k reward that Gaga offered for the return of her dogs, has been held by the suggestion of the cops until they clear the woman who found the dogs.

Source: TMZ

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