Donald Williams, State Witness #3 in the death of George Floyd murder trial, is trending on Twitter after his compelling testimony on Monday (March 29).

Donald is a pro mixed martial arts fighter and an entrepreneur who used his knowledge of chokeholds to explain the “blood choke” and a “shimmy” technique that officer Derek Chauvin used to restrict George Floyd’s airflow and kill him.

Williams pleaded with police officers on May 25, 2020 to release the pressure off of George Floyd’s neck, as Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd’s back while three other Minneapolis officers stood by.

He is not even resisting arrest. You think that’s cool? What’s your badge number? You’re a bum for that. You’re a bum for that, bro. He’s not responsive right now. You call what he’s doing OK?

Watch the video clip below of an interview Donald Williams did with CNN in May of 2020.

Donald Williams gave an amazing articulate recount of events from his perspective of the shimmy technique, he referenced as a “blood choke,” Derek Chauvin used to murder George Floyd.

Williams had a confident swagger on the witness stand that I’ve never seen from a witness in such a huge case.

He even did the Birdman hand rub at one point because he knew he was doing a great job.

Donald Williams represented Black America and George Floyd well today, and Twitter gave him his roses.

Too bad he’s not going to be able to smell them until after the trial, but something tells me he knows America is extremely proud of him.

Scoop the tweets below:

Williams was such a compelling witness that many people believe the story of a live feed for the family going out was made up to stop the proceedings for the day.

It’s all good because Donald Williams will be back tomorrow. LET’S GO WILLIAMS!!!

Source: The Globe

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