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Kym Whitley took to the streets of Twitter on Thursday to debunk a report that claimed she and Mo’Nique slept with Gerald Levert – at the same damn time!

The “Act Your Age” actress took to Twitter writing:

I would usually laugh at a story like this, but anyone that knows me, knows how special Gerald LeVert was to me …so I had to debunk this tabloid tale. #false #funny #nottrue

See Kym’s original tweet below. 

The first clue should have been the fact that they spelled Kym’s last name wrong. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Gerald Levert Was Kym Whitley’s ‘First True Love’

In her 2021 episode of “Uncensored,” Kym Whitley opened up about how Gerald Levert was her “first true love.

She shared how she’s known the late R&B singer since they were children because they grew up in the same neighborhood. 

When they became sweet on each other, her parents didn’t approve because “they just were into the music situation.”

Kym Whitley shared how Gerald made his position very clear when he told her:

You can go out to Hollywood and you can pursue your career, but if you want to be with me – I’m gonna let you know there can only be one star in this family.

She also shared how they made a pact to get married later on in life, but he passed away on November 10, 2006, after suffering a heart attack.

Because he died. He died and that’s what he did. He left me here to fend for myself and deal with this life alone.

But, had Gerald lived we definitely would have gotten married.


Mo’Nique & Gerald Levert

Now, Mo’Nique did come to Kym as a woman to let her know that she was interested in dating Gerald. 

Kym recalled:

Mo’Nique is a very mature woman, even when she was young. She came up to me somewhere and she was like, ‘Look, I wanna date Gerald Levert.

I know y’all used to date or whatever, but I’m coming to you as a woman to let you know I’m interested.

I gave her my blessing even though secretly I was like, ‘did I do the right thing?’

But, at no point did they all become a throuple. 

Watch the clip below. 

I appreciate Kym Whitley for quickly shutting this mess down.

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