NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma has been the topic of Lakers trade discussions amongst NBA analysts and fans for a few years now, but Kuz lets the world know that he hears them talking in his new Puma ad.

See Kuz’s new Puma ad below:

ESPN analyst and former NBA player Richard Jefferson recently joked about Kuzma getting traded while interviewing LeBron James.

Personally, I think the Lakers should keep Kuzma on the team because he adds a scoring punch off the bench, and he’s not afraid to step up and close a game if need be.

Like Kuz’s ad implies he’s using all this trade talk as motivation to take his game to the next level.

Those infamous Twitter streetz didn’t hesitate to add to Kuz’s motivation bucket either:

Kuzma is an NBA champion that can say he contributed to his team winning a chip, which is much more than a lot of other NBA players can say.

Even if Kuz does get traded I’m sure his game will continue to improve.

Do you think the Lakers should trade Kyle Kuzma?