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2020 has been crap for most of us, but Anthony Davis is living his best life in 2020, he is fresh off his first Championship with the Lakers, and he just signed the biggest contract of his career with the Lakers, five years and $190 million.

Anthony Davis led the Lakers in scoring and rebounding last year, he averaged 26 points and 9 rebounds, and he was a major contributor to the Lakers winning the Championship.

At 27-years-old Anthony Davis is a seven-time All-Star, four-time first-team All-NBA selection, and an NBA Champion.

He is also a client of Klutch Sports along with his superstar teammate LeBron James.

Lebron and Anthony Davis’s agent Rich Paul has also had a great 2020 because LeBron just signed a two-year, $85.7 million max extension with the Lakers, and a day later Anthony Davis signed his five-year $190 million max contract.

At 10% commission I understand why the other NBA agents are jelly of Rich Paul.

It’s awesome to see these brothers get paid their worth, but as a HAWKS – WARRIORS fan I would like to let LAKER nation know to enjoy it while you can.

The Lakers Bubble Pandemic Championship was cute, but I don’t think the Lakers will win another Championship in the next five years despite what all these bandwagon sports analysts are saying.

Congrats to Anthony Davis and LeBron James on their max contract deals, and good luck to Laker nation in the upcoming season!

Do you think the Los Angeles Lakers will win back-to-back championships this year?

Source: Bleacher Report

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