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Kosine Tells 3 Hilarious ‘No Name Stories’ On ‘The R&B Money Podcast’

Producer & Artist Kosine Tells 3 Hilarious ‘No Name Stories’ On The R&B Money Podcast

Producer and artist Kosine, who’s responsible for hits like Big Sean’s “Dance (A**),” Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” blessed “The R&B Money Podcast” with some of the best “no name” stories ever.

The podcast has a segment called “I Ain’t Saying No Names,” where you tell a story that’s funny or messed up, but you can’t say no names.

Kosine presents himself as very funny and articulate, and once he told his first story, it rolled into his second story, which rolled into his third story.

By the time he finished his third story, he had hosts Tank and J. Valentine cracking up.

Watch the video clip from the Kosine interview on the “R&B Money Podcast” below:

To watch the full interview, drag the progress bar back to 0:00, it is a great interview.

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