Actress Angela Means Takes An Emotional Deep Dive Into Her Character, Felicia, From The Movie ‘Friday’

Actress Angela Means thinks Netflix needs to develop a series about Felicia from Friday because she believes the movie was about her.

Quiet as it is kept this project came down to Felicia.

I think they just need to do a Netflix series called “Felicia” follow her from a little girl all the way up into a professional athlete mom.

Her and Deebo had eight kids, they all professional athletes.

They birthed an entire defensive line, and all their names start with D!…

Angela doesn’t believe in one of the storylines that Ice Cube pitched to Warner Bros., who turned it down, of characters Craig and Day-Day going to jail for selling weed.

Personally, Angela Means, I don’t want to see anybody go to jail for selling weed. 

I don’t think it’s funny because we have so many Black men in jail right now for selling weed, and I past dispensaries every day… People selling weed!

That’s another conversation.

Angela then goes deep into her perception of who Felicia is.

I want to see a Netflix series called “Felicia” because her story is… is our story.

What happened to her… her neglect, her childhood abuse, her mother was remarried, she has a half-sister, she lives in the hood, she’s extremely beautiful, nobody knows how to deal with that element of her, no one knows how to help her with her emotions. 

So, Felicia literally got lost, she’s just holding on, she’s just letting life happen to her, she’s trying to control it the best way that she knows how, but the eyes can’t see what the mind doesn’t know…

Watch the clip of the Angela Means interview from “The Art of Dialogue” below:

“Quiet as it is kept,” Felicia did have a lot of key scenes in the original Friday.

Watch Felicia’s scenes from the classic movie Friday below:

Ice Cube recently revealed on “Drink Champs” that Warner Bros. own the distribution rights to Friday, and they turned down two of the scripts he submitted.

Watch Ice Cube on “Drink Champs” below (The Friday movie talk ends at the 3:42 mark):

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