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Dave Chappelle Calls Out Katt Williams For Dissing Black Comics: ‘He Didn’t Say Anything About These White Boys’

Dave Chappelle via Instagram, Katt Williams via YouTube

Dave Chappelle took issue with the things Katt Williams said about other Black comics in his viral “Club Shay Shay” interview.

During a stand-up set at the Hollywood Improv on Friday night, Dave aired his grievances with Katt in a lengthy rant. 

He began by pointing out that Katt Wiliams “only ethered n—.” 

Dave added, “He didn’t say anything about any of these White boys. None of these White boys function like that.”

Katt is one of the best painters in the game. So why are you drawing all ugly pictures of us,” Dave asked. 

Dave Chappelle added “hurt people…hurt people,” but pointed out that he is a “hurt person” who has never hurt people

Oh really, dave chappelle

Ummm… Mr. Chappelle – the trans community would like to have a word with you.

Dave continued, “If I told my story – it would break your heart! Your heart! If I told my story it would break your heart. I lost everything and never ever told on anybody!” 

DeRay Davis, who hosts MonDeRays, was on stage trying to offer a different viewpoint on Katt Williams’ remarks, but Dave wasn’t trying to hear it and continued his rant.

Dave went on record saying that he “f—s with Katt hard.”

He added, “But what part of the game f—s up another n— paper? What part of the game is about telling on another n—?

Dave Chappelle went on to mention Tiffany Haddish saying she is “lifting something heavy and as clumsy as she is – I don’t disagree with Katt – he be telling the real s—!

This one f— up this way and that one f— up this way. Yes, n— that is true, but why would you say that? Because all of us are trying to be in a better situation,” Dave added.

Watch the clip below.

A few folks took to Twitter to weigh in on Dave’s rant about Katt. 

Read a few tweets below. 

While I can definitely see the points Dave Chappelle was trying to make, his rant about Katt Williams still feels hypocritical.

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