Kevin Durant apparently has had enough of sports commentator Skip Bayless, and he let him know by tweeting “I really don’t like u,” in response to one of Skip’s tweets.

To someone not familiar with the situation, it may look odd that KD is telling a guy that’s calling him the “Best Player on the Planet” that he really doesn’t like him, but there is a long history there.

It goes back to when KD was playing with Russell Westbrook on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Skip Bayless was constantly on television saying that KD would never win a championship with Russell Westbrook.

I believe KD felt like Skip Bayless was driving a wedge between his and Westbrook’s relationship by pushing the narrative that Westbrook was too much of a selfish player to win a championship with.

KD did win two championships as soon as he left OKC, but many people believe that’s because he went to the Golden State Warriors, who had just won a franchise-record 73 games before KD got there.

KD and Russ’s relationship hasn’t been the same since KD left OKC.

Fast-forward to current day, and Skip has been on a mission to elevate KD over LeBron James every chance he gets.

I believe KD responded to this tweet because he sees the potential of Skip Bayless driving a wedge between he and LeBron’s relationship similar to how he did with Russ.

Twitter appeared to be happy that Kevin Durant clapped back at Skip Bayless.

Scoop some tweets below:

It’s going to be interesting to see if they bring up KD’s tweet on Skip’s morning sports show “Undisputed“.