Update: Kelly Price is safe and accounted for according to her attorney.

Monica Ewing says Kelly Price is still recovering from COVID-19 from an undisclosed location.

Ewing says she has also contacted law enforcement to notify them that the singer is safe.

It’s still unclear why Kelly’s family didn’t know her whereabouts or why it took nearly three hours for her team to confirm she is “safe.”

The good news is Kelly is not missing anymore.

Kelly Price is missing.

In July, the singer contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized and placed in ICU after her condition worsened. 

While hospitalized she remained in contact with her family.

Kelly was still hospitalized in early August, however, three weeks after she was admitted to the hospital, her kids received a call saying she had been discharged. 

No one in her family knew she had been discharged and they haven’t seen or heard from her since. 

Kelly’s family contacted authorities to have them conduct a welfare check at her home last Saturday (September 18).

Those close to her are concerned because her fiancé is keeping friends and family from visiting her home.

Authorities spoke with Kelly’s fiancé at the residence and they found no signs of foul play. 

Something isn’t right because there is no way on earth Kelly wouldn’t be in contact with her children!

And why wouldn’t the man living in her house call the police if Kelly’s whereabouts are unknown?

Kelly Price is now listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center. 

There is an active investigation in Cobb County, Georgia to find her. 

Please send up a prayer for her safe return.

Source: TMZ