Social media food critic Keith Lee via TikTok

Social media food critic Keith Lee has released his rankings of the top 8 cities from his 2023 food tour with his family. 

Keith was sure to add a disclaimer to his video stating: 

My rankings are based on my probability of going back to each city strictly for their food scene. 

I didn’t take a rocket scientist to know Atlanta was no. 8 on Keith Lee’s list, especially considering all of the drama and chaos that resulted from his experience at various restaurants including Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang

New York was ranked no. 7 and Keith shared that the issue for him was the spots people recommended for him to go eat. 

He also noted the “overwhelming feeling of being unwelcome and the traffic were also factors.”

Keith’s hometown of Detroit came in at no. 6 because it lacked the diversity of the other cities that ranked higher.

Los Angeles was ranked no. 5 and Las Vegas ranked no. 4 as Keith Lee was really fond of the diversity in food the cities offered.

Chicago came in at no. 3 and Keith said, “Almost every time we got food – absolutely delicious!” 

Houston came in at no. 2.

Keith said in addition to every place serving” absolutely delicious” food, The Puttery put Houston over the top! 

And coming in at no. 1 on Keith Lee’s Family Food Tour is…New Orleans, bay-bae!

Keith credits the city for their good food and customer service.

Everywhere that we went – we felt like family,” he said. 

Watch Keith Lee’s full video below. 

Of course, Keith began trending on social media as people took to their timelines to react to his rankings.

Read a few tweets below. 

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