Keith Lee concerned for his family's safety after Atlanta food tour

Keith Lee is now concerned for his and his family’s safety and says he will postpone touring if other cities are like his experience in Atlanta.

The viral food critic turned the city’s restaurant industry upside down over the weekend with his truthful reviews of some of Atlanta’s hot spots.

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Unfortunately, Keith is now receiving just as much criticism for his non-biased reviews of the food and service he’s experienced as he once received overwhelming love for.

In his latest TikTok, Keith Lee was visibly upset as he addressed the safety concerns he has for himself, his family, and the restaurants he’s visited.

You can disagree with me. You cannot like what I say. I completely understand and I’m okay with that.

But, when my safety and my family’s safety are coming into play – that’s where I draw the line at.

What can’t happen is when my family or the restaurants or anybody’s safety are coming into play.

It’s absolutely overboard.

Keith went on to say he will shut the whole shindig down if other cities are going to behave like Atlanta.

I’m going to be 100 percent transparent and 100 percent candid, me and my family will postpone touring if other cities are going to be like this.

Keith Lee also voiced his frustrations in seemingly realizing he’s damned if he do…and damned if he doesn’t.

What else do you want from me? If I go to a bunch of restaurants and I have a string of good experiences, then I’m being too nice, I’m lying, a narrative is being pushed, my eye roll is fake, and I’m lying just to help people.

Then, on the same hand, if I go to two or three restaurants where I don’t have the best experience – now I’m tearing down businesses, now I’m being mean, I need to shut up, I need to mind my business, I need to sit down…

I can’t win for losing.

In closing, Keith said, “I walk away from everything before I lie.”

Watch below as Keith Lee expresses his thoughts, concerns, and frustrations.

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It’s so unfortunate that something that began so positive and uplifting has been marred with negativity and nonsense.

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