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When I first heard Kanye West was running for President I thought it was a joke, but his recent expenditures let me know that he is very serious.

Kanye is practically funding his campaign himself.

He reported loaning his campaign $6.8M and receiving approximately $11,000 in outside contributions.

Kanye’s first financial filing with the Federal Election Commission was as follows:

$1.2M in outstanding debt to consultants.

$1.3M to Atlas Strategy Group (Firm).

$1.5M to Fortified Consulting (Firm).

$2.7M to Millennial Strategies (Firm).

$25,000 to John Boyd (Spiritual Advisor).

$25,000 to Isaac Ford for helping Kanye get on the ballot in Tennessee.

$444,000 to Millennial Stategies for polling.

$95,000 on travel.

$400,000 on legal fees to multiple firms

The majority of the expenses were made to get Kanye on the ballot in several states.

He’s on the ballot in a few states, and he has litigation pending in others.

Kanye is running as an independent, and he has been consulting with Democratic & Republican firms on campaign strategies.

This financial report covered expenditures made from July 15 – Aug. 30.

The next financial report is due on Oct. 20.

The concept of Kanye for President might have been something to get excited about years ago, but recently Kanye’s name has been synonymous with foolishness.

Personally, I think Kanye needs to save his money and pursue some serious mental help.

In my opinion, he hasn’t been right since his mother passed.


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