Kanye West has released his first article of clothing from GAP YZY, the YZY round jacket, and as expected it is producing a lot of conversation.

The jacket retails for $200, and it is available for preorder at gap.com. Preorders ship in Fall 2021.

The jacket is unisex, and it is made from recycled nylon. It doesn’t appear to have any zippers or buttons to keep it close, but they may be hidden.

Then again, it’s not hard to believe that Kanye is on his trendsetter vibe trying to start a new wave of buttonless/zipperless coats.

I give the YZY round jacket three days before it sells out. It is a very simple design, and overpriced, especially if there is truly no zipper or buttons to keep the jacket closed.

Kanye West has a way of making simple fashion trendy and lucrative. By simply not adding a zipper or buttons to the YZY round jacket, or hiding them, makes the jacket unique.

Your thoughts?