One of the greatest aspects of the Star Wars franchise was the vast and rich universe that creator George Lucas dreamed up. As well as the array of characters that populate the place, there is an incredible variety of worlds that are inhabited by them. Are you a true Star Wars fan? Let’s take a look at how well you know the worlds just by their name. 


Operated by Lando Calrissian, the majority of the world is an inhospitable ball of gas with the capital of Cloud City at the summit. It’s a hostile planet and probably wouldn’t rank highly on the list created by Betway Casino that ranks the most notable planets of the franchise if it wasn’t for its capital city.


Next up on the list, we have the ultimate city planet of Coruscant, which is an urban jungle in the truest of senses. With 1000 levels making up the place, you can descend a long way. Equally, you can also climb your way to the top if you have the ability to do so. 


In many ways, Endor is the opposite of Coruscant in that it is a lush and green planet that is largely populated by the deceptively cute Ewok creatures. While they may have appeared innocent by their appearance, they were perfectly willing to burn the main heroes of the franchise alive! 


Home of the Rebel Alliance, Hoth is a cold and icy place that certainly provides challenging living conditions for all of its inhabitants! 


This planet will be highly familiar to those who are fans of the prequel trilogy of films. It is a planet that is full of natural wonders. Of course, underneath its beautiful surface is the fact that it was home to one of the galaxy’s most evil inhabitants in the form of Emperor Palpatine.


Even people who do not know the Star Wars films in that much detail are likely to have heard of Tatooine, which is, of course, the home of the Skywalker family. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of this particular planet is the fact that there are two suns. 


Next up, we have the home of one of the franchise’s other beloved characters, Princess Leia. Again, it was another planet of great beauty – before it was destroyed, of course! 


The opposite to Hoth, Mustafar is well-known as an incredibly hot place where a great battle took place between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi.


The swamp planet of Dagobah is where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force, which was obviously a pivotal point in the film saga. 


Finally, we have a jungle planet in the form of Kashyyyk, which was home to the beloved Wookiees, which are among the most beloved creatures in all the worlds of Star Wars.

How many of the planets did you recognize from just the name alone? If there are some in there that you had forgotten, it may be time to rewatch the great films again!