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K. Michelle took to social media early Friday morning and chastised her fans after she was nearly “straggled” on stage during her show in Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

The “Scooch” singer was hot as fish grease when she issued a warning to her fans that running up on her on stage could have ended really badly.

K. Michelle tweeted, “So y’all just run up on stage and straggle me tonight? That’s not love, that’s not safe for YOU. I’m from Memphis. That could’ve went the complete wrong way. I love all y’all so much but be smart!”

She took to Instagram to add (in a now-deleted post), “I had a BLAST in Pittsburgh for real! But y’all we ain’t gone start though in no city! I’m from Memphis and I don’t like that kind of stuff. I weigh 125 pounds now. Come support and love me but let’s be respectful we can hug and talk at meet and greet!❤️”

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K. Michelle warns fans

K. Michelle told a concerned fan, “It wasn’t Bad! A supporter was happy to see and ran on stage and strangled me trying to hug me. She really meant no harm. It just startled us. She was the second person to try to get up there so we all were shocked.”

It appears the overzealous fan apologized and the singer responded, “It was you?😂😂😂😂🤣 Baby you almost took me down. I’m not mad at all, but you gotta be safe around these bodyguards and they are armed. I love y’all I will always hug you and hang wit you❤️”

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Despite the unfortunate event, the Rebels still had a great time!

For the record, just enjoy the show and stay in your assigned seat!

Let K. Michelle and anyone else who is performing on stage perform in peace.

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