Misa Hylton son Justin Combs
Misa Hylton and son Justin Combs via Instagram

After her son, Justin Combs was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, Misa Hylton was hot as fish grease!

The fashion powerhouse took to her Instagram Story and let the chopper fly as she made it very clear that she is done protecting everyone except her son and his siblings!

I’m not Protecting no one anymore.

Just my Son. And ALL The Children.

I love a come to Jesus Moment.

Based on her the rest of her posts, it appears Misa Hylton holds her baby’s father, Diddy, responsible for what happened with their son.

She went on to note that “a fish rots from the head down” and added, “The Truth shall set you free.”

The statement ” a fish rots from the head down” means that, in addition to being a major contributing factor in a family or organization’s success, leadership is also the root cause of its failure and demise. 

The Truth shall set you free. 

Misa Hylton went on to get a few more things off of her chest…

Act Bad?? Act BAD BAD boy. I used to want to be a BAD Girl. I chose to be a QUEEN. Tried and true. I’m not perfect but I am INTENTIONAL.

I should have kept my child with me. F**k UCLA too! Everybody. Can get it.

How you go from one of the greatest to ever do it To making all of your money off alcohol?

And suing the damn alcohol company.

Sell something healthy that builds people up.

I’m sick of it!!!!! NOT MINES!

Misa Hylton also had a very stern message for Kristina, who she says tried to “handle her.”

And Kristina if you ever try to handle me again…I will go straight across your head!!!!

Stay out the way. You are a nice person. Everyone is tough until it’s time to be tough.

According to LinkedIn, Kristina Khorram is Chief of Staff to Sean “Diddy” Combs.

See all of Misa’s original posts below.

Justin Combs is often seen on his Instagram account promoting his father’s liquor brands, which may also be at the root of Misa’s anger.

Kimora Lee Simmons seemingly wants to jump into the reindeer games.

She took to her Instagram Story writing, “Wait… what happened??! Oh s**t…”

In a second post, Kimora wrote, “Oh sh**t… We going in??!!”

See her posts below.

Kimora Lee Simmons (1)

We all know Kimora is always ready to jump into someone else’s mess.

Remember how she encouraged Khloe Kardashian to gang up after Jordyn Woods?!

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