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Juelz Santana had planned a work trip to Miami this month, but his travel request was denied because the Feds claim he failed a drug test.

Santana’s team believe the test was a false positive, but the Assistant U.S. Attorney said Santana’s recent urine sample tested positive for opiates and methadone.

I wasn’t aware that there could be a false positive result on a drug test.

According to documentation obtained from the Feds, Santana was planning to travel to Miami with 2 convicted felons, which is also a violation under supervised release.

Santana was placed on supervised release after serving 19 months of a 27-month sentence for having a loaded .38-caliber handgun and nonprescription oxycodone pills in his carry-on luggage at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport, in March 2018.

He is now required to get permission to travel outside New Jersey, and take mandatory drug tests.

Santana’s attorney Jef Henninger, stated that going forward Santana will follow the rules for travel requests, and he will hang out with “the right people.”

First, YFN Lucci now Juelz Santana, these rappers need to be smarter about the way they move under supervised release.

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Source: TMZ