Trevor Ariza has a weight lifted off his shoulders after a judge ruled that he did not physically abuse his 12-year-old son, stemming from previously filed court docs from his son’s mother Lana Allen.

Allen claimed that Trevor physically abused their child numerous times dating back to 2019. She filed a temporary restraining order against Trevor earlier this year.

A judge ruled on Monday that Trevor poses no threat to his child, and the judge dissolved the temporary restraining order and denied Allen’s request for a permanent restraining order.

The court finds that while the relationship between Ariza and [his son] is clearly strained, his son is not in any physical or emotional danger with his father.

The judge encouraged Allen and Trevor to come up with an amicable parenting plan so they can raise their son in a safe and productive environment.

Allen will maintain primary custody, and Trevor will get significant visitation.

Hopefully, now that Allen and Trevor have jumped this hurdle they can get back to providing the best life for their son.

Trevor Ariza is currently a forward for the Portland Trail Blazers, and he won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009.

Trevor opted out of the 2020 NBA Bubble restart in Orlando this past NBA season and committed to a one-month visitation with his son instead.

Source: TMZ

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