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I’m not sure why people continue to test Mike Tyson’s patience, but reportedly a fan swung on Mike as he was leaving STAPLES center.

As Mike Tyson was leaving STAPLES center from his match that was declared a draw (it really wasn’t a draw) against Roy Jones Jr., he stopped to sign some autographs and a man yelled out to Tyson why you won’t let me fight you.

Sources say Tyson jokingly responded because it probably wouldn’t end well for you. Then the guy must’ve had a lapse in judgement because sources say he swung on Tyson, and started reaching in his waistband like he had a weapon.

Tyson’s team jumped in right away and made sure the situation didn’t escalate. The guy left, and Tyson’s team said they recognized him from another signing where he was talking crazy.

Law enforcement said they were alerted of a possible battery involving Mike Tyson around 11:00 pm, but when they arrived all parties had left.

I’m not sure why this guy keeps messing with Tyson, but I hope he has great health insurance.

Who would you like to see Tyson fight next?

Source: TMZ