Jonathan Majors arrested assault
Jonathan Majors (Photo: Robert Smith/Getty)

Jonathan Majors is making his highly anticipated return to the big screen in the upcoming revenge thriller, Merciless.

This intense new film, based on an original screenplay by Frank Hannah, is directed by Martin Villeneuve, the younger brother of acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve.

Martin, known for his sci-fi opus Mars et Avril, brings his unique vision to this dark and haunting narrative.

Plot & Character Insights

Merciless follows the gripping story of John, a top CIA interrogator portrayed by Majors, who embarks on a harrowing journey after the woman he loves is overtaken by a malevolent force.

As John dives deeper into a world of darkness to combat this evil, he faces supernatural forces that challenge his sanity and push him to the brink.

The film intertwines themes of possession, revenge, and personal justice, creating a psychologically intense and emotionally charged experience.

Merciless intertwines themes of possession, revenge, and personal justice within a haunting narrative. It explores the psychological descent of John, played by Majors, and the supernatural forces challenging his sanity,” Villeneuve explains.

A Significant Comeback

This film marks Jonathan Majors’ first role since his conviction for third-degree assault and harassment earlier this year.

After a December sentencing that included participation in an intervention program following a March 2023 altercation with his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, Majors is poised to make a powerful comeback.

Despite the controversy and his subsequent departure from Marvel’s MCU and the shelving of his acclaimed movie Magazine Dreams, Majors’ talent remains undeniable.

Production Details

Merciless will begin shooting in Saskatchewan in late fall.

Tuffin will produce the film alongside Kevin Townsend and Kevin DeWalt, with executive producers Amanda Delaplaine, Chris Ochs, Andrew Bates, and Ben DeWalt.

With its compelling storyline, talented cast, and visionary direction, Merciless promises to be a standout thriller that explores the depths of human emotion and supernatural terror.

Jonathan Majors’ return to the screen is highly anticipated, and this film is set to be a defining moment in his career.

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Source: Deadline

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