R&B legend Johnny Gill was a recent guest on “The R&B Money Podcast” and the New Edition singer recalled his days of rocking a Jheri curl. 

It was leaking, but I was trying to be Michael [Jackson]. I was like, ‘Man, so that’s what y’all liking?! Huh? Yeah?

Johnny got into his storytelling bag and shared, “The day before I was going to get the curl I was so excited because I’m thinking you know the girls like curly hair and stuff.”

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I was so excited thinking tomorrow I’m going to have curly hair,” Johnny Gill confessed while laughing hysterically. 

“You couldn’t tell me nothing!” 

Tank and J. Valentine were completely amused as Johnny recalled, “They had to do the rollers…put the roller joints in your hair. And then, you got to set under the dryer. I mean, it was about a four or five-hour process!” 

But, My, My, was all worth it. 

Johnny Gill said, “Oh my God, when I came out here with curls…it was like, ‘Aww, don’t talk to me, man. Don’t talk to me!’ Shoot, man I was on cloud nine…I was like, ‘Ahhh…the ladies!’”

Watch the awesome interview below or skip to the 42:00 mark for the Jheri curl convo!

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You can see Johnny Gill and the rest of New Edition in Las Vegas when they kick off their residency at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas on February 28, 2024.

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Did you have a Jheri curl back in the day?

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