John Amos Says He Has No Idea Why His Daughter, Shannon Amos, Started A GoFundMe For His Care & Support

John Amos recently denied the claims by his daughter Shannon Amos that he’s being abused and fighting for his life, and he said he has no idea why she set up a GoFundMe.

According to Shannon Amos, she received a distressing call from her dad last month, and he informed her that he was in a hospital in Memphis.

She said she FaceTime’d him because she was out of the country at the time.

Shannon said that the Amos family has learned, in the last few weeks, that John “had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation.”

She didn’t give much detail as to what happened, but she implied that a “caregiver” may be involved, and she noted that her father’s “home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable.”

She said the family is working with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the police.

Watch Shannon Amos speak on her account of events below, courtesy of Forgotten KingzTv 2.0:

Shannon Amos started a GoFundMe with a goal of $500k for John’s care, legal fees, and aftercare.

John’s rep., Belinda Foster, said John has been in the hospital because his lower body was filling with fluid up to his abdomen and causing issues with his heart.

Belinda said the doctors were able to drain all the fluid, and John was back to feeling 100%.

John Amos is loved by many for his iconic roles in “Good Times” and Roots.

Perhaps Shannon Amos overreacted when she learned her father was hospitalized or something in the milk ain’t clean about John’s caretakers.

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Source: TMZ

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