Shannon Amos - John Amos - Elder Abuse Investigation Colorado

In a weird turn of events, John Amos said that his daughter took advantage of him and she is the culprit of his elderly abuse.

A few weeks ago, John’s daughter, Shannon Amos, said that her father “had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation.”

She implied that a “caregiver” may be involved.

Shannon also set up a GoFundMe with a goal of $500k claiming it was for her father’s care, legal fees, and aftercare.

John said he had no idea why she set up the GoFundMe.

In a recent video that somehow made it to TikTok, John is in a hospital bed with his son by his bedside, talking to someone on the phone who appears to be giving him legal advice.

Well just, ah, tell me what the issue is, um, what problems you’re experiencing legally, and what you would like us to do for you.

And then I can tell you what we can do and what we can’t do, and how long it will take or how short it will take.

John Amos responds:

Okay, I’m an 83-year-old man, and I have two children.

My son is here with me in the hospital in Memphis. He’s at my bedside, and I’m not in the hospital as a result of, ah, anything that happened recently.

Other than the fact that about a month ago I was hospitalized because, ah, I was suffering from, um… water retention and a couple of other issues.

All of which have been corrected or at least addressed. I am very capable, and I am very confident in the doctors that I have here and the medical staff that my son has assembled around me so I feel very good about that.

My main issues are that I feel that I was… Prior to entering the hospital, I had some ongoing issues with my daughter, who I feel has taken advantage of me, and she would be the primary, ah, suspect if you would.

I don’t know if that’s the right term to use or not, but she is the one I would attribute my elderly abuse to.

And it’s definitely a case of elderly abuse because as I said…

Nobody wins when the family feuds.

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