Joe Budden got sucker punched in NYC club

Joe Budden took to social on Sunday and admitted that he got sucker punched at a club after rumors about him getting jumped began spreading online.

The retired rapper and “Podfather” jumped on Instagram Live with his co-host, Queenzflip, to set the record straight. 

The altercation allegedly occurred while Joe was partying at the Dream Gentlemen’s nightclub in New York. 

Why Joe Budden got punched in the club and who assaulted him still remains a mystery. 

Some assume the attack was connected to alleged real estate scammer Cesar Pina’s brother, Luchie Rentals, who recently uploaded a video to social media of himself harassing Joe for clicks and clout.

Others believe the attack on Joe Budden is connected to some spicy remarks he made about Taxstone, the former podcaster who is now serving a 35-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

The good news is Joe Budden is okay and appears to be taking the assault in stride. 

While speaking to Queenzflip on Instagram Live, Joe said, “Never believe the internet rumors.”

He did admit that his attacker “cocked back and socked me one good time – Bow!

But that’s all he’s going to get. I keep telling y’all I eat a punch well. Now, we got to get it on. Now, we gotta go,” Joe added. 

Queenzflip noted that Joe Budden got snuck and when he tried to fight back there was a struggle, but the floor was wet and slippery so no additional punches were thrown. 

Watch the clip below. 

I’m glad Joe Budden is okay and please stop the senseless violence.

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