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Kountry Wayne Pays All Of His Baby Mamas’ Bills: ‘I Want Them To Live Their Best Lives’

Kountry Wayne is the true definition of a “Big Poppa” and a provider.

The comedian and father of 10 stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Friday and revealed he pays all the bills for his multiple baby mamas. (His words, not mine.)

Wayne also clarified that the mothers of his children are free to date other men because he wants them to live their best lives…and he will continue to pay their bills.

My baby’s mamas can go get whoever they want. I’m still gone pay their bills. They can stay there…that has happened before.

They can talk to anybody, man. Cause I can’t be their Russell Wilson.

Wayne added:

I want them to live their best life cause I’m darn sure gone live mine.

If they find a man or whatever…I’ll pay their bills and everything, but it’s hard to find another Wayne tho.

Watch the clip below.

Watch the full interview below.

If you ever wonder why Kountry Wayne works so hard it’s because he’s taking care of a minimum of five households.

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